Mhairi Macleod was invited to speak at the MFAA Roadhow in Sydney’s Darling Harbour on Wednesday 17th August 2016, where she shared her thoughts on the MFAA’s recent Gobal Money Week (GMW) and the brand-new MFAA School Entrepreneur Program.

What was the actual experience on the day like?

“I did several different school presentations but the best presentation would have to have been the St Marys High School presentation in Western Sydney.

The diverse range of students was incredible – this school is aligned with the immigration department as an assigned school for refugee students. A lot of the students at the presentation were actually young adults as old as 23 years. Many students were working full time as well as attending high school full time so their commitment and hunger for education was obvious. The students were especially interested in some core concepts of the program such as how superannuation works, how to read a payslip and how to manage your tax. The kids were terrific with a lot of questions and discussion during and after the presentation as were the support staff and teachers.”

How did it make you feel as a person and Broker?

“The feedback from the students was absolutely amazing. Their feedback gave me a great sense of satisfaction knowing that the students are better prepared to face money matters when they need be. There is so much opportunity to encourage the kids to think independently and give them an understanding of how money affects a personals feelings and sense of well being.

I am passionate about young people achieving financial literacy from an early age – as a mother myself I get first hand knowledge about how interested kids really are in money.”

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