Are you working?

As long as you are on a wage or self employed and the majority of your income comes from paid work we can look at helping you finance your next major purchase.




veda-logoWhat is the status of your credit file?

It is a fact that one in five Australians have never looked at their credit file. The easiest way to do this is to visit  Don’t panic if you find something unpleasant there – call us and we can discuss your  options and how your ability to borrow money has been affected.


budgetDo you have a budget in mind?

The easiest thing to do is to call us and see if the potential repayments will fit in with our lenders guidelines and your lifestyle requirements. You can also use our loan repayment calculator to help make your budget planning easier.


private sale

Are you worried about buying privately?

Talk to our team today about how to avoid the potential hazards and pitfalls that can arise. It has been our experience that 99% of private sellers are legitimate but it doesn’t hurt to have a team with lots of experience on your side!



online app

Beware of online credit shopping

It’s easy to make multiple credit applications online without even realising it. This can temporarily affect your credit file and therefore your chances of being approved for a loan. Using a broker like Astute to search out your ideal loan is the easiest and best way to protect against this.



Have more questions or need more information? Talk to our team today on 1300 306 694 or email us